Emergent (The Shapeshifter Chronicles #3) by Natasha Brown

Book Description:

Published: June 16, 2014

When eighteen-year-old Chance Morgan kills another shapeshifter to save his girlfriend, Ana Hughes, he contracts a dangerous shapeshifting sickness that makes him crave power uncontrollably—and without restraint he’s a threat to the person he loves most. Desperate to keep Ana safe from harm and to find a cure for himself, he abandons her in the Yucatan and escapes into the wilderness. Violent memories and voices surface in his head, creating a dangerous tug-of-war between good and evil.

Companionless and alone, Ana meets a woman who claims to have the same shapeshifting and healing abilities as her and vows to teach Ana the skills to help Chance, but as weeks pass she begins to question if her new mentor truly intends to keep her promise.

With time running out, Ana must find the power within herself to heal Chance before he loses his battle against the powerful voices inside his head.

Review –

Before Ana would leave the area to go to Lifen’s home/retreat, which happens to be in Canada, she convinces her to go back to Balam’s  mountain home and see if Chance is there. Ana desperately wants to see if he is alright. Lifen is not keen on the idea but goes along. He wasn’t there but Lifen found him when she went out searching animal form but told Ana he was too sick to be around her. They fly to Ana’s home in Idaho, where Lifen stays in the shape of a dog most of the time(fewer questions from everyone). They leave for Canada in a few days and finally arrive at Lifen’s picturesque home built on the ridge of a mountain and near a beautiful lake. The inside was more amazing than the outside and reminded Ana of a museum. There were three other Shapeshifter trainees there but at first there was a lot of tension between the boys and Ana but eventually they became friends. Ana has to learn to focus her mind on pushing energy out and back toward her,how to meditate and learn self-control and finally how to shift properly.

Meanwhile Chance meets Batukhan, who was a friend of Balam and he takes Chance under his wing. Come to find out Batukhan and Lifen had known each other, in fact, loved each other hundreds of years ago but neither one really knew what had happened to the other. While traveling together they meet up with Mac who supposedly can remove some of the bad sickness in Chance’s mind but not all. But something is not right and the evil ones in his mind are taking him over and he leaves to find Ana because it is her strong energy that the entity wants. He finds Ana and she does heal him, or at least he seems to be himself again, but it Ana herself? The book ends with Chance proposing to Ana.  The next book won’t be out for quite a while so I’ll have to try and be patient but it won’t be easy.  Great series.






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