Girls With Glasses: My Optic History by Marissa Walsh


Book Description

Publication Date:November 1, 2006
Being a Girl with Glasses isn’t just a style choice; it’s a way of life. If you’ve ever had your specs steam up when walking into a bar, squinted into the sun on the soccer field, or laid eyes on a new haircut only after your locks are strewn across the floor, you know what it’s like to be a GWG.
Marissa Walsh has worn glasses since third grade. Now — ten pairs of glasses, one pair of prescription sunglasses, and endless pairs of contacts later — she has fully embraced her four-eyed fate. As she recounts her optic history through the lenses of each pair of glasses — from the Sergio Valentes and the Sally Jessy Raphaels to the pseudo John Lennons and the dreaded health plan specs — at last she found them . . . the perfect pair.
Marissa’s comic look at a life behind glass is at once a poignant personal journey and a wry, canny exploration of just what it means to be a glasses-wearing kind of girl. Peppered with pop culture references and complete with appendixes of resources, classic GWG moments, and helpful tips on finding the right frames for your face, Girl with Glasses will give you reason to commiserate with your shortsighted sisters and celebrate your less-than-perfect vision.
Review –
I forget if this was a free audiobook or if it was just cheap, but anyway I listened to it and found it okay.
I, too, have worn glasses for the majority of my life but I never minded because without them I couldn’t see anything. Not quite blind, but almost. I love frames and if I were rich and famous I would have  a hundred  different pairs to wear to match my moods. But I’m not so I have three pairs and one I don’t wear because when the lenses were being put in the frame stretched and now they are too loose and fall down the bridge of the nose so there went $400 up in smoke. Oh well, that’s the life of a GWG (girl with glasses).

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