Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries #5) by Nancy Tesler


Book Description

Publication Date:November 16, 2012
Book Five
Who would expect a killer to do in his/her victim while riding a chairlift at a peaceful alpine ski resort in full view of a throng of skiers gathered to watch the Christmas torchlight parade? Certainly not stress-reduction therapist, Carrie Carlin, who has come to her biofeedback convention in the hope of meeting this year’s honoree, pain management guru, Adonis-like Dr. Hubert Freundlich. Of course, Carrie hadn’t expected to find Dr. Freundlich’s wedding-banded hand creeping up her thigh in the outdoor hot tub either. Nor had she anticipated hearing hints of wrongdoing drunkenly whispered in her ear by his brilliant young associate.
Then the associate is murdered, the police discover that her scarf is the probable murder weapon, her roommate develops amnesia about a possible date rape, a close colleague and friend is attacked, there’s a suspicious accident on those slippery slopes, and her significant other starts talking wedded bliss. Carrie’s stress level shoots into the stratosphere as she finds herself dodging not only Cupid’s darts, but bullets and a ski-masked killer with a heart as cold as Vermont black ice.
Review –
Another fun book in the Carrie Carlin Mysteries Series and one of my favorites so far.
If you want a pleasant way to spend an Autumn evening,pick up this series and give it a try.  The cares of the world will fade away for  a bit while Carrie Carlin gets into all sorts of trouble but somehow always comes out on top. A very pleasant read.

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