Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries #4) by Nancy Tesler

353739Product Description:

Published: 2000          Series: Carrie Carlin Mysteries

Everything was golden, until the killing began…

The good news was that Carrie’s father had gotten rich. The bad news was that her stepmom was coming to visit.

Carrie, a stress-reduction therapist who dates a cop, mothers two teenagers, and solves murders on the side, thought she could handle Eve for a weekend. But that was before the glamour queen dragged Carrie into a wild-goose chase that led to a dead man in Manhattan.

Now Eve is in jail, Carrie’s long-lost stepbrother–so long-lost Carrie didn’t know she had one–is back, and people are dropping like flies. No wonder Carrie’s biorhythms are starting to flutter. For Carrie, unraveling the mystery that Eve thrust into her life is a matter of self-preservation. Because a killer has a shortlist of victims–and Carrie’s name is right near the top….


Review –

After reading so many serious book it’s nice to read a funny murder mystery and this one fits the bill.  Love this series.



Review –

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