Rotters by Daniel Kraus

8572163Product Description:

Published:   April, 10, 2012

Grave-robbing. What kind of monster would do such a thing? It’s true that Leonardo da Vinci did it, Shakespeare wrote about it, and the resurrection men of nineteenth-century Scotland practically made it an art. But none of this matters to Joey Crouch, a sixteen-year-old straight-A student living in Chicago with his single mom. For the most part, Joey’s life is about playing the trumpet and avoiding the daily humiliations of high school.

Everything changes when Joey’s mother dies in a tragic accident and he is sent to rural Iowa to live with the father he has never known, a strange, solitary man with unimaginable secrets. At first, Joey’s father wants nothing to do with him, but once father and son come to terms with each other, Joey’s life takes a turn both macabre and exhilarating.

Daniel Kraus’s masterful plotting and unforgettable characters make Rotters a moving, terrifying, and unconventional epic about fathers and sons, complex family ties, taboos, and the ever-present specter of mortality.


*****    5 stars

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy-I gave this book a five-star rating.

Yes. I know it’s about a boy who lost his mother to a bus accident,(the bus hit her) and he had to go live with a father he never knew and all the kids at his new high school hated him and his father was a grave robber. Yes, his father made his living(if you can call it that)robbing graves.  The book had several vivid descriptions of body decomposition and other gore but even so it shows a father and son  finally coming to an understanding, that being that they liked one other and Joey taking pride in being the best grave-digger he can be but in the end learning how to LIVE again in the real world.  Excellent.


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