The Sun, The Moon, And Maybe The Trains by Rodney Jones


Book Description

Publication Date: September 29, 2012
John Bartley’s days are filled with working in the mill or the garden, and he can’t wait to see Zella at the next barn dance. But when he stumbles through a hidden portal in the forest, everything he’s ever known falls behind him. A hundred and thirty-four years behind, to be more exact.
Tess can’t quite believe John’s tale of time travel. Does he really not know what a cell phone is? A car? Indoor plumbing? To convince the girl he’s swiftly falling for that he’s not crazy, John must delve into Tess’s history–his future–and solve the mystery of his hometown’s demise. But when they learn its fate, each faces a sudden, wrenching choice. Save their love, or save the past?
Review –
This is a story involving time travel. From the past to the future and back again and then from the future to the past and back again.  Sounds too good to be true-yup, things do not always go smoothly and add in a love story, maybe one-sided but maybe not and you have a wonderful, fast read, perfect for any warm weather day.  I loved it.