The Gravity Series by Abigail Boyd


Book Description:

Publication Date:May 13, 2011

One night in the town of Hell, Ariel’s best friend goes missing. Those around her believe Jenna ran away, but when Ariel is tormented by nightmares and paranormal activity, she realizes Jenna’s disappearance was part of a bigger mystery. Ariel’s obsession with haunted houses and horror movies makes her the perfect detective.

But to complicate matters, a handsome newcomer named Henry Rhodes plagues her with unwanted attention. Though he doesn’t believe in the supernatural events, she enlists his help and that of quirky nerd Theo. What is making the lights at school flicker? And why did Ariel dream of the old abandoned Dexter orphanage? When Ariel finally discovers the truth, it’s much worse than she ever feared.


Publication Date:March 22, 2012

Last year, Ariel Donovan’s life was shattered. She lost a friend, a love, and her sight into the afterlife. She’s only beginning to move on, facing a summer without school as a distraction. Then she dreams of the mysterious Dexter Orphanage again, the place where all the trouble began. She decides to follow through on her dream, and her discovery turns her life upside down, for the second time.
With the unlikely return of an old ally, Ariel begins to unravel the web of deception in the small town of Hell. She learns that her grandmother may have seen what she saw, and finally discovers the trail to the truth about what happened to her best friend Jenna. When Henry Rhodes comes back into her life unexpectedly, she realizes that she just might need his help to stay sane. Because the ghosts are real.


Publication Date:December 29, 2012

Just when she thought the dreams couldn’t get any stranger, Ariel Donovan is transported in her sleep to Dark. A dog barks, and she knows she must heed his call. During the journey, she finds what she lost long ago, and discovers how important it is in her quest to outsmart the Thornhill Society…before it’s too late.


Publication Date:February 16, 2013

A beloved history teacher slowly losing his mind. A doctor who doesn’t always practice the best medicine. A girl who just wants to escape, and finds herself changing into someone else. There are different sides to every story, and the denizens of Hell have more than their fair share to tell.
Inertia is a novella, not a full-length work. 20,000 pages.
There are different sides to every story. And the denizens of Hell have more than their fare share to tell. This collection of short stories is from different perspectives of characters in the Gravity series, taking place during the events of Book 1 and 3.
Author’s Note: Inertia developed out of short sketches that I made during the writing of the Gravity Series, to know what the other characters were up to and what their motivations were. Since people often want more light shed on the story, I thought it would be interesting to develop them. We’ve been limited seeing through Ariel’s eyes, and there are just some things she doesn’t know about. I consider this collection of chapters to be sort of the deleted scenes of the books.
There are some spoilers for Uncertainty and Luminosity in Inertia, but I think it sheds the most light on the happenings in Gravity. If you’ve just read the books and are going, “Huh?” then read further for some answers. For those who enjoy the characters and the town of Hell, this is a chance to spend more time with them and see different scenes through their perspectives as well. I hope you all find it an insightful and entertaining addition to the series.
Content Warning: Recommended for readers 14 and up. This novella contains strong language, drug use, sexuality, and violence. A little less clean than the other books in the series. Not everyone in Hell is an angel.


Publication Date:April 30, 2013

The final book in the “Gravity” series.
The end is finally here. After being threatened by Phillip Rhodes, Ariel confronts her father and finds out just how deeply the conspiracies in town run. She discovers more about what she is and where she came from. Gathering an opposition against Thornhill, they must stop the cult from performing a final ritual that will plunge the town into Dark, forever


So far this has been my favorite series of The Summer. It has everything necessary to hold your attention. Those being a smart high school girl, a mean high school girl, a smart, good looking moody high school boy,teen angst, a town secret, and I could go on and on. If you are looking for a new series that is a fast read be sure to give this one a try, you  will not be disappointed.



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