On Call: An Original Short Story by Michael Palmer

15794174 Book Description:

Publication Date:October 16, 2012

An original ebook short story from Bestselling thriller author Michael Palmer featuring Dr. Lou Welcome in his first crime-solving role: a murder at his medical school for which he is a person of interest. Working with a classmate—and fellow suspect—Dr. Welcome soon discovers that the circumstances behind this tragedy aren’t exactly like they seem. This story includes the prologue and first chapter of the new Dr. Lou Welcome book POLITICAL SUICIDE, on sale January 8th, 2013. [Word Count: 9,303, Approximate Pages: 40]

Review –

Although I am new to the reading of Michael Palmer, I have come to like the character of Gabe Singleton and since he is included in this short story I had to read it.

Mr. Palmer did not let me down.  Though short the story held my interest and left me want ing more.

I will continue to read Michael Palmer and suggest that if you like books by Robin Cook, to give this one a try.


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