Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries) by Nancy Tesler


Book Description

Release date: April 6, 1998     Series: Carrie Carlin Mysteries
She has a relationship on the rocks, a friend in big trouble, and one foot in  hot water .  .  .
Biofeedback specialist Carrie Carlin helps her patients get things under control.  It’s her own life that’s in chaos.  She’s feeling the pressure of an ex-husband who gives her heartburn–and a lover, homicide cop Ted Brodsky, who is giving her heartache.  Faced with fight or flight, Carrie answers a plea for help from her friend Meg and chooses flight–on a jet plane to Key West and a new sea of troubles.
A boat accident has left Meg’s husband, Kevin, missing and presumed dead.  But when his body never turns up, Carrie suspects something is terribly wrong.  Then Meg is attacked.  Suddenly Carrie needs more than deep-breathing exercises.  She needs to troll the Florida Keys for Kevin.  She needs Ted Brodsky’s help.  And, most of all, she needs to fish around for hard answers and chilling secrets .  .  .  before a killer lures her in with a deep, deadly surprise.
Review –
This books is a mixture of light mystery, travel adventure, believable characters,humor and a realistic plot.  I can tell that the Carrie Carlin Mystery Series is going to be one of my favorites.
I you like light reading that is fast paced this is the series for you.

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