The Monkey’s Raincoat by Robert Crais

14404Book Description:

published in 1987   Series: Elvis Cole

The novel that introduced Elvis Cole, L.A. Private Eye and his partner, Joe Pike.

Ellen Lang walks into Cole’s Disney-Deco office and hires Elvis to find her husband and son. Elvis and Joe search through Hollywood leads them to a world of drugs, sex and murder.

Review –

This is only the second book I have read or listened to by Robert Crais, the first being Taken, which is number 14 in the series and I enjoyed it much better simply because of the narrator. It was read by Luke Daniels and The Monkey’s Raincoat, the first in the ELVIS COLE SERIES,  was read by Patrick Lawlor and he couldn’t hold a candle to Mr. Daniels.

The plot was good and the characters, their development and interaction was good but the reader was flat. I will mostly likely purchase more of this series but I’m hoping Mr. Lawlor will improve with time. We’ll see.


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