The Mist by Stephen King

Product Description

It’s a hot, lazy day, perfect for a cookout, until you see those strange dark clouds.  Suddenly a violent storm sweeps across the lake and ends as abruptly and unexpectedly as it had begun.  Then comes the mist…creeping slowly, inexorably into town, where it settles and waits, trapping you in the supermarket with dozens of others, cut off from your families and the world.  The mist is alive, seething with unearthly sounds and movements.  What unleashed this terror?  Was it the Arrowhead Project—the top secret government operation that everyone has noticed but no one quite understands?  And what happens when the provisions have run out and you’re forced to make your escape, edging blindly through the dim light?

Review –

This is the umpteenth time that I’ve listened to this story by Stephen King.  It is one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite authors.    The book/audiobook is sooo much better than the movie so if you haven’t read or listened to it you need to run out right now and buy it.

I have the audio version and it’s not read by a narrator, but acted out like a stage play which makes it sooo real.  I simply love it.

Cafe du Jour by Lillian Darcy

Product Description

Published 2007

Love, loss and latté…
“If today is a cup of coffee it has to be a big, piping hot café au lait, served in a bowl the way they often do in France.  I drink it with my hands curved around the bowl for warmth… and for safety…”
Susie used to have the perfect sister, the perfect boss, the perfect restaurant kitchen to cook in and a man who only needed a tweak or two.  Now, everything is changing and all she can do is take it one sip at a time.

Review –

I hate to say it, but the only reason I read this book was  because it was free.  I found it boring and frustrating.

Playing for Pizza by John Grisham

Book Description

Publication Date:  September 2007
Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the deciding game at the climax of the season, to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone, Rick actually got into the game. With a 17-point lead and just minutes to go, Rick provided what was arguably the worst single performance in the history of the NFL. Overnight, he became a national laughing stock and, of course, was immediately dropped by the Browns and shunned by all other teams. But all Rick knows is football, and he insists that his agent, Arnie, finds a team that needs him. Against enormous odds, Arnie finally locates just such a team and informs Rick that, miraculously, he can in fact now be a starting quarterback. Great says Rick – for which team? The mighty Panthers of Parma, Italy. Yes, Italians do play American football, to one degree or another, and the Parma Panthers desperately want a player from the home of American footballat their helm. So Rick reluctantly agrees to play for the Panthers – at least until a better offer comes along – and heads off to Italy. He knows nothing about Parma (not even where it is), has never been to Europe, and doesn’t speak or understand a word of Italian. To say that Italy – the land of opera, fine wines, extremely small cars, romance and football americano – holds a few surprises for Rick Dockery would be something of an understatement.
 Review –
An easy read for summer time pleasure. The plot is light, the characters likeable and quirky and the description of the Italian countryside is breathtaking.   Read this for pure fun.