206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

Book Description

Publication Date: August 25, 2009
There are 206 bones in the human body. And  one shattering secret hidden among them. . . . Cold and alone, bound hands to feet, Tempe Brennan regains consciousness locked in a dark cell—or is she buried alive in a tomb?—and begins to reconstruct the twisted chain of events that led her to this terrifying  place. Tempe and Lieutenant Ryan had recently accompanied the remains  of a missing heiress from Montreal to the Chicago morgue, and suddenly  Tempe is accused of mishandling the autopsy. After an incriminating  phone call and another shocking death, Tempe’s unseen enemy closes  in—even as the corpse of a second, and then a third, elderly woman turns up in the woods of Montreal. Who wants Tempe dead, or at least out of the way, and why? Who would resort to sabotage to destroy the secrets hidden in the bones? Only Tempe can uncover the truth—if she can escape the deadly fate someone has designed for her.
Review –
The story line of this book was fast paced and enjoyable to read but, on the negative side, I thought is had too much dialogue and an outcome that I saw coming a mile away. All said and done I would recommend it as a good book to spend time curled up in a cozy chair with your drink of choice reading.

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