Borderline by Nevada Barr



From Booklist

Unable to shake the despondency and self-doubt that settled on her after her horrific experiences at Isle Royale (Winter Study, 2008), Anna is put on administrative leave. In a move designed to help her recover, her husband arranges to take her on a guided rafting trip in Big Bend National Park, which straddles the border between Texas and Mexico. Their companions are four college students. Within hours of their departure, the raft careens into rocks and is lost. The occupants have barely recovered from the shock when one of them makes a gruesome discovery: the body of a very pregnant woman caught among tangled branches. Though unable to save the woman, Anna saves the child, whose welfare becomes her mission. Unfortunately, some people have other plans for the tiny new life and the struggling rafters. A riveting series of gut-wrenching events heads the book, winding down about midway as the personalities on shore and the mystery surrounding the child come into focus. Barr is less successful than usual in masking her evildoers, but her extraordinary ability to create electrifying drama in the natural world is unequivocal, as is her compelling portrait of Anna—real enough to touch as she struggles to regain her confidence, her enthusiasm, and her sense of self. –Stephanie Zvirin
Review –
I’m beginning to get a little sad because after this book there is only one more in the series that I haven’t read and then I will have to wait until next year for the new one to be released.  I don’t know what it is about these books that makes me love them so much; I am not an active person, I don’t like the outdoors all that much but yet I am drawn to these stories. I think it may be the main character, Anna Pigeon, because she embodies all that any woman would hope to be – strong, yet soft enough to have a male interested, good to the bone,aggressive and compassionate, just a well-rounded human being.   We need more Anna Pigeons.


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