Winter Study by Nevada Barr


From Booklist

Readers who have followed intrepid forest ranger Anna Pigeon fighting forest fires, crawling through caves, investigating crimes at national monuments, and tracking bears in service of our National Park system will find her back almost where she began, at Isle Royale National Park. Unlike her earlier visit (A Superior Death, 2003), however, this one takes place during the dead of winter, when the park is usually closed to all but the wolves and moose and the researchers who have been studying them in their unique environment. This year, however, tension is high; Homeland Security may shut down the winter study project, which has been going on for 50 years. But Anna, in her usual role as Park Service interloper-emissary (“How would you like to snowshoe over rough terrain, collecting blood-fat ticks and moose piss?”) suspects that there’s more at stake here than the study, and when murder intrudes, she knows she’s right. The environmental quotient in Barr’s novels is always high; the facts about wolves are fascinating, as are descriptions of frigid landscape, alternately beautiful and horrifying. There’s plenty of drama, too, as Anna finds herself alone and in danger more than once, but what many readers return to this series for is Anna herself, strong, funny, perceptive, and well aware that she is a small part of a dynamic, ever-changing natural world. –Stephanie Zvirin
Review –
I don’t know what Nationa Park  Ranger Anna Pigeon is going to do if her ankle gets hurts one more time.  Just a couple of books back her ankle was hurt almost beyond repair (okay, not quite that bad) and now she gets it hit had with a wrench by a very bad man.   I love these books and can’t wait to start the next one.
If you haven’t tried the Anna Pigeon series you really need to give them a try.  You won’t be sorry.



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