The Hollow by Nora Roberts

From Booklist

Every seven years for seven days the citizens of Hawkins Hollow go crazy. It all began 21 years earlier when three friends—Fox O’Dell, Caleb Hawkins, and Gage Turner—spilled their own blood on the Pagan Stone and released the demon once known as Lazarus Twisse. Ever since then, the three have worked together to limit the damage Twisse causes during his week long reign of terror. Recently, three women—Layla Darnell, Quinn, and Cybil Kinski—have joined their battle against Twisse, but it is going to take everything the six have if they are ever going to eliminate once and for all the evil that threatens Hawkins Hollow. After introducing her new paranormal-tinged series with Blood Brothers (2007)—the story of Cal and Quinn—Roberts cleverly continues her deliciously chilling Sign of Seven trilogy with a riveting story that focuses on Fox and Layla, both of whose gift for reading other people’s minds plays a key role in the six’s demon-defeating plans. –John Charles
Review –
You can’t beat a Nora Roberts story  on a hot afternoon and it’s even better when you listen to it, like a television mini-series without pictures.  I’ve already started listening to the third and final installment  The Pagan Stone, and I’m not sure how this will all end but I hope all the characters come out alive.

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