Welcome to Kathy’s Book Bag

I Am Now A Blogger

With so many fun book challenges to participate in, I could no longer be without a blog.  I intend for the blog to help me keep track of my reading for the year as well as my progress on the challenges I choose to join.

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8 comments on “Welcome to Kathy’s Book Bag

  1. Hello Kathy – sorry if this isn’t the appropriate place but I couldn’t find an email address for you on the site. I work at Hyperion Books and I wanted to talk to you about sending you a free copy of Sandra Lee’s new book to review (Money Saving Meals and Round 2 Recipes), since you wrote a review of a previous title by her. You can reach me at jonathan.s.bernstein@abc.com if you are interested


    • I’ve always loved reading and my daughter, who is an assistant professor and teaches young adult literature, told me about GoodReads in 2009 I thought it was a great way to keep a record of my reading. She gives me suggestions from time to time and through social media I find other to add to my “to be read” pile plus I listen to audio books in the car and at home too.

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